Why Naseeruddin Shah Doesn’t Hang Out With The Industry People?

Naseerudin Shah, the veteran actor feels that he has finally started to get tired while acting. He has always been known as a choosy actor and he said that the main reason was because age was catching up with him and he didn’t want to do too many roles and over exert himself.


He also said that his daughter, Hiba is struggling at the current moment but was glad she was learning to live on her own and take care of herself. His son Imaad too was trying to survive through music even though he has asked his parents for money on many occasions. His other son Vivaan has a lot of time on his hand and Naseerudin has left him alone to make his own choices.

His next movie has him acting like a god man but is kind of a spoof. He says that he is looking forward to its release.