Who Is Kareena Kapoor’s Style Icon?

Kareena Kapoor is considered as one of the most fashionable Bollywood actresses. And when asked who she considers her style icon she says that she admires the fashion sense of her sister Karishma & her mother in law Sharmila Tagore.

Karishma & Sharmila were both recognized as style icons when they were part of Bollywood. Karishma is well known for her immaculate dress sense & Sharmila had worn a bikini as far back as 1967 in the movie An Evening in Paris.

kareena fashion

Kareena said that there was a lot of competition in her house. She said that she loved the way her mother in law dressed. And her sister, Karishma and mother Babita were icons enough for her at home.

Also, when asked when she thought Saif was best dressed she said that it was when he was wearing a suit.