Vivek Oberoi Did Not Attend Music Launch Of Zilla Ghaziabad

Vivek Oberoi did not attend the recent music launch of his latest movie Zilla Ghaziabad. The reason he gave for this was that he had prior commitments at another event.

Sources said that he had already promised the producers of Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story, in which he stars alongside Neha Sharma, that he was going to attend their promotional event. The makers of Zilla Ghaziabad had decided at the end moment to launch the music in Hyderabad and Vivek had no choice except to fulfil the commitment he had made earlier. The sources added that Vivek was playing a very important role in the Vinod Bachchan movie. There were murmurs doing rounds about his absence as well since his public image led people to believe that there was some kind of controversy.

vivek neha

The source also confirmed that Vivek was only informed of the event a day earlier and it wouldn’t have been right for him to forgo his other commitments.