Vivek And Neha Sharma Were Booked By Traffic Cops

We all get the feeling that celebrities are above the law. But this was proved wrong when police stopped Vivek Oberoi and his wife Neha Sharma in Worli for disobeying traffic rules.

They were filming a bike scene together when they were stopped by the khaki officers. A source said that they whole crew was ready for them and were waiting for them to enter the frame. The only problem was that they never showed up. It was a while before they came to know that the cops had stopped them. The actor tried to convince the cops that he was on his way for a movie shoot but they refused to believe him.

vivek neha

He wasn’t wearing a helmet and didn’t have his license with him either. He was asked to pay the fine or risk being taken to the police station. Crew members reached the scene by this time and managed to get them out.