The Sexy Bollywood Couple Are Back Again

Deepti Naval recently gave an interview from her Versova apartment. During this interview the actress reminisced about her years as a Bollywood star and her movie Listen Amaya.

She said that she was an independent person and always did what she thought was right even if it was against the tide. She also said that she paid the price for her mistakes on many occasions but had no plans to bind her free spirit.

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She also said that she did feel a little uncomfortable working with Farooque Shaikh after such a long time but they got settled in after the first few hours itself. She said that she didn’t even know that she was acting opposite Farooque when she agreed to the movie.

On a personal note, she also said that she used to trek in Ladakh a while ago but stopped now. She also said that it was easier earlier when people recognized her and was a lot more difficult now since the new generation hadn’t really seen her films and didn’t recognize her.

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