Soha’s Thoughts For Kareena Kapoor And Other Family Members

She might not be the fashion diva in Bollywood or a top actress but she is definitely a media loving lady who has other works to do besides just doing films. She has recently spoken about herself and family members in an event at Guwahati. Let’s take a look at what she had to say when questioned.

soha kareena

Speaking of her brother Saif, she said that he hardly watches any of her films and doesn’t even bother about her career, but as an elder brother have always stood by side. Soha personally enjoys seeing what goes on the film sets rather than thinking of what the final product would be. When asked about her sister-in-law, Kareena Kapoor, she said: Kareena has been always supportive and friendly as she used to be. She is very active and is taking care of both her career and Saif too. And that’s what really matters to her.

Talking about her marriage, she replied, there is no way she is getting married this year but she has certainly got some plans ahead. She is not a day dreamer nor she is a future fancy type girl, she is practical and likes to talk about what is going on at present.