Shah Rukh Thinks Sports Can Be A Good Profession

Shah Rukh Khan recently demonstrated how much faith he has in people who follow sports as a profession. He said that sports are a great job opportunity & that parents all over the country should be educated on how sports can also be a great career option for children.

He is the owner of KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) the IPL team and feels that parents will sooner or later have to accept that sports is a viable career choice.

He says that he is considered a brand ambassador of sorts because of his Bollywood career and that he was going to use his influence to promote sports however he can.

shah rukh sports

He said that he really loved all sports and cricket and hockey were two sports which he loved the most. He feels that the age where everyone went on and got a conventional job was over. But he feels that parents have not yet accepted this and do not understand when their child tells them that he wants to have a career in sports.