Shah Rukh Khan Almost Had A Comedy Of Errors

Shah Rukh Khan almost had a comedy of errors recently. The actor was rehearsing about an award show when the whole crew got to hear his telephonic conversation with Suhana, his daughter.

Shah Rukh was busy rehearsing with Saif Ali Khan when he got a phone call from his daughter. He spoke to his daughter in between the shoot and forgot to remove his microphone.

shah rukh suhana

Suhana asked her father what he was doing and he asked her how her day in school was. He also asked her if she was coming for the show.

The crew got to hear the whole conversation and some even suggested turning off the mic.Nonetheless, after the conversation, the whole crew burst into laughter. Sources confirmed that Shah Rukh had no idea what was going on and when he realized it he laughed it off and got back to work.