Sanjay Dutt Will Remain Vidya Balan’s First Superstar

It seems that the Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is going to be doing a small role in the movie Ghanchakkar. The lead actress in the movie Vidya Balan said that Sanjay was always going to be her first superstar.

She said that she was very excited & grateful to the actor for agreeing to do a character part in her movie. She also said that he was the 1st Bollywood superstar that she had ever met. She remembered her time with him on the sets of Parineeta when they were acting in the 1st scene of the movie and she was so nervous because she was acting with Sanjay who is tall & well built.

sanjay vidya

She said that the main reason she respects him so much was because of his kind & gentle face. That was something she said she could never forget.