Sanjay Dutt Pranks With Producer’s Son

Recently while shooting for his next movie with TP Aggarwal, Sanjay Dutt used dadagiri when in Hyderabad.

Sources from the movie say that Sanjay was supposed to be jumping off a harness which was dangling high above the ground. For this, the crew was made to go and fix up the cables and wait till the actor was ready to shoot the scene.

They also confirmed that Sanjay had earlier told the crew members that Rahul his producer’s son should also be hung from the harness just like the actor did.

sanjay dutt

And the crew members obliged and soon Rahul was hanging 40 feet in the air from the harness.Rahul told reporters that the only thing on his mind at the time was how to get down from there. He also said that Sanjay ji is very calm and cool when on movie sets. This was nothing like his image which is very strict.