Sanjay Dutt And Aamir Khan Stays In A Two Star Hotel

A lot of stars often do not really understand the value that being in Bollywood give to their names. But, it appears that Bollywood superstars Sanjay Dutt & Aamir Khan were very accommodating when a recent issue caused them a little problem. Sources close to the actors said that both actors recently agreed to stay at a 2 star hotel in Mandwa while shooting for their latest movie just outside Jaipur.

aamir sanjay

The sources also confirmed that Raju Hirani & his team were shooting in Rajasthan but since they were far away from a city they just decided to stay at the closest 2 star hotel. Even Sanjay & Aamir agreed to stay there. The area where they are staying is remote and has restricted access to modern amenities. The role that Sanjay is playing in the movie has been kept a secret as well.