Salman Khan Says Competition For Charity Is A Must For All

Salman Khan, the Bollywood superstar is very well known for his philanthropy, feels that everyone should compete while giving charity.

He feels that there should be a competition in charity. Then everyone would be interested in doing it. He wants everyone to open up a charitable trust & see where it goes from there. He said this while launching his Being Human store in Bandra.

salman khan

Salman has lent his name & power to many charitable causes over the years and has also said that many of his friends from the industry have stepped forward & supported his Being Human foundation.

He said that his trust is offering help to people who require money for cancer, ailments and education. Sanjay Dutt and Karan Johar have also donated to his trust. Apart from that, he isn’t asking for much more help as his stores is earning him enough to fund the trust. He did say though that people were free to donate by logging on to his website.