Randeep Hooda Has Suggested Murder 4 Story

Randeep Hooda, the Bollywood actor, who is next going to be seen in Murder 3 has suggested to Mahesh Bhatt the filmmaker to base the 4th Murder movie on the story of a participant from a reality TV show.

Mahesh Bhatt & Randeep made an appearance on Emotional Atyachaar 4 where they heard Shelly from Delhi narrate her story on how Kunal, her boyfriend cheated on her with many other girls.

Randeep was intrigued by her story and suggested that Bhatt use the story as a plot for the 4th Murder movie.He said that it was very difficult to understand how anyone could cheat to such an extent in real life. He said that he felt that Shelly’s story should be made into a movie.

randeep sara aditi

His movie Murder 3 which is the third instalment in the franchise is going to be released on 14th February or the day after.