Ranbir Thinks Actors Get Too Much Credit

Ranbir Kapoor, the Bollywood heart throb, said recently that there were a lot of people who could help actors deliver powerful performances. These people are never heard of or mentioned and it is always the actor who gets all the praise.

He insisted that too much credit is given to actors. The directors, cinematographers, writers, etc. are not really applauded for their efforts.

Ranbir had recently received a lot of accolades for his role as a deaf & mute boy in Barfi!. He also received the Screen Award for best actor for this role.

ranbir kapoor

He gave an example, of just sitting there when the camera focuses on him. If there is sad music playing in the background, the audience feels that he is giving a great performance but if the same scene is shot with happy music playing, everyone will say that he has internalized his happiness.

Ranbir is supposed to become the next great thing in Bollywood and is currently shooting a movie with Abhinav Kashyap called Besharam.