Ram Gopal Varma Is Not Worried About Censor

Ram Gopal Verma, the Bollywood director, is ready to release his latest movie The Attacks of 26/11. The movie is based on the incidents that took place during the attacks of 26th November in Mumbai. He feels that people should not worry as the censor board was not going to have any problems with the movie.

He said that the movie had 2 aspects. One was that it was shot accurately and the other was that there wasn’t any conspiracy in it. The only problem he sees is the visual effects which may cause some problems because of the violence but there were no other issues.

ram gopal censor

He said that he was going to declare a release date for the movie only after it was approved by the censor board. He also said that he felt the attacks were on humanity and nothing else. He added that we would have to see the movie in order to understand what he is saying.