Priyanka Chopra Enjoying Her Multitasks

Priyanka Chopra has had her share of successful movies in Bollywood and she has always appeared to be in control although recently it seems that her hectic schedule is starting to catch up with her. She was always a media friendly actress but recently she seems to be finding it very difficult since she has taken to singing as well.


She had recently told a reporter that she was expanding her creative abilities. She wanted to try different things in life. It seemed to be a little harsh comment from the media friendly superstar. It seems that Kareena, Vidya & Katrina have recently gotten busy with their love lives. So that leaves Priyanka with only one main competitor in Deepika Padukone. She also feels that her younger cousin Parineeti Chopra too is improving with her acting.

We can only hope that Priyanka hasn’t taken on more than she can handle and is back to her rosy self soon.