Prachi Thinks That Her Latest Movie Will Make Men Value Women

Prachi Desai, the Bollywood actress, was speaking about her latest movie I Me Aur Main recently and said that a lot of men are going to relate with the character that John Abraham is playing in the movie. She felt that these men would value the women around them a lot more after watching the movie.

She said that there was a characteristic in all the boys and men in our country because of which they all took time to grow up. She felt that men were too selfish and self centered.

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She said that the movie was about John’s character (Ishaan) and was about a lot more as well at the same time. She said that anyone who watched the movie was going to value women a lot more.

The movie is directed by Kapil Sharma and also has Chitrangada Singh in it. It will be releasing on the 1st of March 2013.