Photographer Jagdish Mali Needs Aid

The top photographer, Jagdish Mali, who has been suffering from diabetes for a while now, was spotted in a semi nude condition walking around in a suburb in Mumbai. Salman Khan feels that the photographer needs help.

Jagdish Mali

Sources have confirmed that Jagdish is suffering from diabetes & requires insulin injections in order to remain fit. He get’s disoriented when he misses his shots.

But, the photographer’s daughter, Antara, said that her father didn’t require anyone’s help at all. But Salman said that her father was roaming the streets in a semi nude condition and did in fact need help.

He said that he immediately tried to help him and contacted some people.

Salman was giving his views while he was launching his charity clothing store Being Human. Salman said that Jagdish was a great photographer and he used to have to go through a lot of trouble in order to get a shoot with him.