Person Arrested For Threatening Pooja Bhatt On Phone

The twenty-eight year old male that was making insulting calls to Pooja Bhatt was arrested yesterday in Pune.

pooja bhatt

Bandra police made the arrest because the man was frightening and abusing the producer. Ashish Suvarnakar, the accused, was working with Vodafone in Pune. Pratap Dighavakar, the DCP had said that Ashish admitted to getting Pooja and Mahesh’s phone numbers from a neighbour of his who was a music director.

Mahesh had also received calls from the same number as Pooja and it was on his insistence that Pooja filed the complaint. Pooja had tweeted on Wednesday that she was receiving threatening calls from an unknown number. She also added that the male was intoxicated and was abusing and threatening her.