Murder 3 Seems To Be Missing The Magic At The Box Office

The 2 movies that were released last Friday got a mixed response from the audience. Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story was a disaster and Murder 3 didn’t do too well either.

Trade experts feel that there was a lot of expectation from the third movie in the Murder franchise but it did not live up to the name the last 2 movies had made for the franchise. The only thing that would keep investors happy was that the movie was made on a tight budget.

Murder 3 earned around one fourth of what Special 26 earned in its first week.

murder 3

Atul Mohan, an analyst said that Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story was a lost cause and Murder 3 killed everyone’s expectation from the Bhatt’s. Even though the producers would most probably cover their costs the studio wasn’t going to make too much. At the same time, Special 26 and ABCD were continuing to do very well.