Movie Himmatwala Updated With Gangnam Style Dancing Moves

Even though Sajid Khan the director is remaking a movie that was originally released in 1983 starring Sridevi and Jeetendra, it seems that he has added a touch of 2012 to the movie by including the dance moves from the popular song Gangnam Style in the movie.

One song in the movie has both Ajay Devgn & Tamannaah mimicking the steps of Psy, the Korean rapper, who became an overnight sensation last year with this song.Sources also said that the song was funny and had Tamannaah dancing with some children. When the makers were choosing the steps for the song, everyone suggested Gangnam style.

tamannah gangnam move

This is when the director realized that the children loved the song and hence chose to include it in his movie.Sources also confirmed that Sajid wanted the song to be fun and what better way to do that than by including Gangnam moves in it.