Movie ‘Besharam’ Is Having Title Issues

Everybody is aware of the fallout that took place between Viacom 18 and Abhinav Kashyap. Reports say that the animosity between them grew to such high levels that Abhinav chose to walk out with his next movie Besharam and signed a deal with Anil Ambani’s movie company. But if sources are to be believed, Viacom 18 has said that they own the title and have also tried to get it registered.

Sources from the sets of the movie say that the film is now being produced by Anil Ambani’s production house since Abhinav & Viacom parted ways due to difference in opinions with regard to budget & terms.

besharam film

The source also said that the response the movie got to its first look was good. But, Viacom has moved an application with the AMPTTP for registering 3 titles in their name, Besharam, Besharams and Besharmi.