Midnight’s Children – Movie Review

Deepa Mehta’s latest release, Midnight’s Children, has not really been able to capitalize on the success that of the book of the same name. Even though the movie was not a very apt depiction of the book it did however manage to get the same message across.

It is the story of 3 children who were all born at midnight on the day India gained its independence 15th August 1947. The movie revolves around the lives of these 3 children, Saleem, Shiva & Parvati and their destinies. The actors managed to do justice to the characters from the book. Satya Bhabha the debutant managed to deliver a great performance as the protagonist Saleem.

midnight children

Siddharth too managed to essay the role of Shiva wonderfully. Rahul Bose as Zulfikar and Shabana Azmi as Dr. Aziz’s wife too managed to give powerful performances as usual.