Koel Mullick Weds Neshpal Singh

Koel Mullick, the Bengali actress has been having a relationship with Neshpal Singh Rane for over 5 years now and earlier this month they took the next step and got married in a ceremony at Kolkata.

The ceremony was performed with both Punjabi and Bengali rituals and was a private function that was attended only by their family members, relatives & some very close friends.

Koel and Neshpal

After the duo exchanged vows, they stepped outside the window and waved at the media and their fans who had gathered.They have been rumoured to know each other for a very long time now but it is only 5 years ago when their relationship started getting serious. They never did publicly announce that they were dating though.

Koel feels that Neshpal is the most clear sighted and grounded person she has never met and is truly her best friend.