Karishma Kotak’s Film Break News Is A Complete Rumor

Rumor has it that Karishma Kotak; the model who was last seen on Bigg Boss 6 has managed to get herself a role opposite actor Salman Khan in a movie by Sohail Khan that is going to start filming soon. Sohail though has denied this rumor.

He said that he was fed up by these rumors. He added that first his movies were given titles such as Radhe, Mental and Sher Khan and now people had starting giving him lead actresses as well. He said that there were so many rumors about his movie that he given up caring.

karishma kotak

He said that Karishma had no connection with his movie and that he was going to announce the lead actress soon next week.Karishma is half British and half Indian like Katrina Kaif and Sohail feels that is the reason people started circulating this rumor. He said that he didn’t know her feeling on the issue but could guarantee that it wasn’t true.

At this time, Salman is busy working out his dates for 3 movies in 2013, No Entry Mein Entry by Boney Kapoor, Kick by Sajid Nadiadwala and Sohail’s untitled production.