Kangana Ranaut Was Forced To Change Her Look At The Party

Some people tend to do a lot to appease their families. Kangana Ranaut is one such person. She was forced to let her sister Rangoli organize her husband’s birthday party just the way she wanted.

Sources said that it was Rangoli’s husband, Ajay Chandel’s, birthday some days ago. Rangoli had arranged a party for him. Kangana had been working all day and chose to come casually dressed to the party. But, Rangoli spotted her sister entering in track pants and wouldn’t accept it. They also confirmed that Rangoli forced Kangana to go back home, change and return to the party.

kangana ranaut

And Rangoli also sent a message to Kangana to fix her hair before returning. This message infuriated Kangana and a friend of hers said that Kangana felt furious with her sister’s actions but knew that her sister was only doing it because she wanted to give her husband a perfect party.