Kabir Khan Convinced His Wife To Act In Film

It appears that Mini Mathur, the TV star, only agreed to act as John Abraham’s sister in a movie after Kabir Khan, her husband coaxed her into saying yes.

Mini Mathur is among the best TV hosts today. But, she had her doubts when it came to movies. Sources have confirmed that it was her director-husband who had finally convinced her to sign up with the project.

mini mathur

Mini is going to be playing John’s sister in a movie that is directed by Kapil Sharma.Sources also confirmed that when she was approached by Kapil, John & Goldie Behl along with the movie’s script, she approved it but was not too keen on acting in it. She only agreed after Kabir coaxed her.

Kabir also said that Mini was not too keen on acting on the silver screen and that she only liked presenting shows.