Jacqueline Fernandez Helps To Open Sri Lankan Embassy In Bahrain

Even though Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan, she takes an affiliation to her Bahrain quite seriously as well. She was recently a part of dialogues between Sri Lanka and Bahrain in relation with the opening of the Sri Lankan embassy in Bahrain.

Sources close to her have said that she spent her years growing up in Bahrain since her parents shifted there. There was just a Consulate for Sri Lanka in Bahrain and no embassy. The actress felt the need for there to be an embassy which would protect immigrants from one nation in a foreign country.

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So, the actress pulled some strings and urged some powerful people to open an embassy there.

An official from the embassy said that this was greatly required by the migrant population in Bahrain and thanked Jacqueline for all the help she provided in getting it opened.