Isn’t Saira Dutta A Bunch Of Cuteness?

The daughter of Lara Dutta & Mahesh Bhupathi, Saira is set to celebrate her 1st birthday on 20th January 2012. She was in the limelight at the recent Chennai Open Tennis Championship and almost overshadowed her father Mahesh.

Even though Lara has shared some pictures of Saira in the past, there were no pictures of her in the key of her cuteness. It is her round face and sweet smile which makes her a darling little baby. She is the type of baby that everyone will want to hug and kiss and keep safe from evil’s eye. It is because of her daughter that Lara is taking so much time to get back to films. She feels that motherhood has become the measuring scale for everything that she plans to do in her life.

bhupati daughter