Is Zeenat Aman Really Having A Boyfriend At This Age?

It seems that Zeenat Aman has managed to find herself love again and no it isn’t Sarfaraz Ahsan Ahmed. She was puzzled about how she would be linked to a person she only casually knows and how he got dragged into her life.

Recently, reports had said that Zeenat was all set to marry the Shiv Sena member. But Zeenat, who was the personification of the modern woman in Indian cinema during her prime, denied these reports.

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She said that Sarfaraaz isn’t the man of her dreams and is just someone she met over the years at various Shiv Sena events. She said that she only knew him because of Bala Saheb.

She doesn’t even know how these rumors started in the first place. The two have not been in contact since these reports and we believe that she was going to be taking action against the people who have continued to spread these rumors.

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