Hacker Hacked Sameera’s Credit Card And Spent Rs.5 Lakhs

Even though we regularly read in the newspapers about many instances where credit cards have been stolen, the latest victim of this crime appears to be none other than the Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy.

The actress got a shock when she received her credit card statement. Someone had stolen her credit card details and used it to make purchases worth more than 5 lakh rupees all over the world. Sameera says that she had even gotten a call from the thief informing her that he had used her card. He told her that he was part of a team of hackers that had gotten a hold of her information.

sameera reddy

The thief chose to call her since he was a huge fan of hers.The actress said that she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her card was still with her but her bank was asking her to pay them the money.

The matter however, did finally get settled.