Emraan Hashmi Is Already The People’s Hero

Randeep Hooda had replaced Emraan Hashmi as the lead character in the blockbuster Bollywood franchise Murder. He is going to be in the lead in the 3rd instalment of the franchise. Randeep although feels that it isn’t right to compare him to Emraan because of this.

He says that when he had signed on to the project he didn’t know that it was going to be the 3rd part in a series. He just jumped at the script. He feels that Emraan and him are from 2 different acting schools and shouldn’t be compared. He said that it was unfair and that he didn’t want to be put on the back foot.

emraan randeep

Emraan is known as a hero of the people. When asked if Randeep was going to replace Emraan as this hero, he said that he was already a hero for the people. He feels he achieved it through his back to back successful movies with the Bhatts.