Ekta Kapoor Is Not Superstitious

Ekta Kapoor, the TV & film producer has always been known for her obsession with ‘K’. People often call her superstitious because of this. But, she says that it isn’t superstition but just her beliefs.

She says that it mostly depends on what a person believes in. If you don’t believe something, then it becomes a superstition for you. But for her, she believes, that is why it is her belief. She revealed these details while launching her movie Ek Thi Daayan.

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She also added that it wouldn’t be right for her to judge herself as superstitious or not. That was up to her fans. But she said that it didn’t matter as her beliefs wouldn’t change.

Most of the TV serials that Ekta has produced have started with the letter K. She also wears many rings and other ornaments sporting the letter.