Delnaaz Is Out Of Big Boss 6

The latest season of Bigg Boss has been full of shocking astonishes. The latest one was the throwing out of Delnaaz Irani from the Bigg Boss house.

On Tuesday, Bigg Boss asked the contestants to gather at the garden area & then told them that one of the six was going to be evicted.Delnaaz was asked to stand on a stool along with her ex husband Rajev and was then told that she was the one being evicted as she received the least votes. This was indeed a surprise to all viewers.

Delnaaz was secure to Aashka Goradia when in the house and maintained a very low profile throughout the show.There are only five contestants left now, Rajev, Sana, Urvashi, Imam and Niketan. All of them will be vying for the 50 lakh prize. The grand finale is this Sunday.

delnaaz out