Car Was For Amitabh Not For Aaradhya

Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan has rested all rumors flying around about his son Abhishek gifting Aaradhya, his daughter, with a MiniCooper on her 1st birthday itself which was in November 2012.

aaradhya amitabh car

Big B clarified that the car was actually purchased for him to be gifted on his birthday and was not for his granddaughter.These speculations had started ever since Aaradhya was spotted with her father in the new Mini Cooper showroom last year.

Big B confirmed these speculations by explaining the significance of the cars number plate which has 2882 in it. He explained that it is his birthday date in the year 1982 when he was given a second chance on life after his coolie accident.