Arjun Rampal’s Gym Equipments Are Not For Local Use

We all know how particular Bollywood stars are and all of them are more than willing to go to tremendous lengths just to ensure they get their way. Arjun Rampal had, a while ago, purchased some equipment to help with his personal fitness and he had placed it in the gym he has in his apartment complex.

Some of the residents from the complex started using this equipment and the actor was miffed when he saw it happening.Sources say that Arjun was complaining about his privacy and how he was being disturbed.

arjun gym

He had politely asked the other residents of the complex that he didn’t like being disturbed when he was exercising but as the gym was a general area for the residents, no one really listened to him.He then issued a warning to the residents not to visit the gym while he was there & when no one listened, he just removed all of his equipment from the gym.