Anupam Kher Says Bollywood Is Suffering From Disease

Anupam Kher, who is acting in the Oscar nominated movie Silver Linings Playbook, feels that Bollywood has not made a name for itself at the Academy Awards only because it is suffering from a disease he calls “Tarantino disease.”

The actor feels that our cinema is very young when it comes to entertainment and it is only recently that it has started to open up to new cinema. He said that we had to start competing with our own movies. His point is that we are hardly making any original movies. This is what he calls the Tarantino disease.

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He also said that we do not really appreciate quality in foreign cinema. The one thing he learnt was the respect that foreign cinema showed for other peoples work.The actor was recently spotted at the 19th SAG awards in LA along with the cast of his movie including Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.