An Average Opening For Vishwaroop & Midnight’s Children

Today saw the release of a couple of controversial movies Vishwaroop & Midnight’s Children. The response to the movies though was not very great.

Both the movies had very average openings with only 25-30 % viewership for the first half of the day. But Girish Wankhede, the GM of Marketing, Cinemax feels that the response to the movie was going to improve through word of mouth.

Big Cinemas CEO, Ashish Saxena, feels that the evening shows were going to garner a much better response. He said that the main cause for the poor showing during the day was because not many people were aware of the releases.

vishwaroop midnight

Both these movies have been a part of many controversies prior to their release. The latest one being Salman Rushdie’s argument with Mamta Banerjee, the Kolkata CM, which led to him cancelling his promotional event in Kolkata.