Ameesha Patel Has Never Left The Industry

Ameesha Patel recently said that comebacks were something that actresses which got married or had kids did. She insists that she never ever left the industry so there was no case of a comeback.

Her previous film was Chatur Singh 2 Stars which released in 2011 and she feels that it didn’t do very well and that is why not many people recognized it. She also said that politics was an essential part of Bollywood.

Her debut in Bollywood was in the super hit movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai in 2000. But she didn’t get much publicity in that movie as it was Hrithik Roshan who was in the limelight.

ameesha comeback

She said that she tried to stay away from the politics and didn’t get involved with people from the industry.She also said that she had no regrets in her career and her mistakes were just mistakes and nothing else.