Akshay Is Passing The Greatest Time Of His Career

Akshay Kumar released 5 new movies in 2012. 4 of these movies were super hits at the box office. This has led people to believe that Akshay is slowly becoming the biggest superstar in India. In terms of figures at the box office, he is already number one.

2012 was the best year for the superstar in his 20 year long career. Special Chabbis has released on Friday and things just keep getting better for the star.

akshay kumar

People have also been talking about Akshay’s rumored partnership with Karan Johar. Amod Mehra, Trade Expert, says that Akshay is different from other actors in the industry as he has a fan following which ranges from 2 year old to senior citizens. He has also portrayed many different characters in his movies and does not really go all out promoting himself like the other actors.