Aim For Thousand Crore Not For Just Rs.100 Crore

Producer Karan Johar who is also a co-chairman of FICCI Frames 2013 said that when Bollywood actors and producers looked at the 100 crore mark they were limiting themselves as in today’s world they should be aiming to earn at least 10 times that amount from a single movie.

He said that it was important to add another 0 to this number and take Bollywood to the next level. He also said that it was possible that this feat would be achieved over the next 5 years even though it was a little optimistic.

karan johar

He also said that Hollywood was a much larger market than Bollywood with at least 6 to 7 movies releasing on every Friday. In India though if 2 movies were released on the same day it would turn in to an all out war.