After Priyanka Chopra Sonal Turns Singers For Her Movie 3G

Sonal Chauhan is the latest Bollywood actress to have become a singer. She has sung 1 song in her upcoming movie 3G and she have Mithoon the music composer of the movie to thank for the opportunity.

She said that the experience was great and she was extremely grateful to the composer for his words of encouragement. She added that she was always a great fan of music but since she wasn’t ever trained professionally, the words of encouragement really did wonders for her confidence.

sonal singer

She had sung Kaise bataaoon in the movie along with KK.This comes after Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra took singing to a whole new level when she released an international music single, In My City.

Mithoon on the other hand said that Sonal was the one who deserved all the credit as she was the one singing with everyone listening to her every sound waiting to criticize her.